These pellets consist of clean 100% Douglas Fir from the interior of BC Canada. This is the same product that we used to sell under the Patriot brand.  It’s just in a green bag instead.  These woods burn hotter and cleaner than other wood types. They never use recycled wood, additives, plastics or waxes. Northern Warmth Douglas Fir wood pellets exceed the national criteria for Premium pellets, making them a great pellet for many different kinds of pellet stoves.  There are 50-40lb. bags per pallet, 1 ton per pallet with weather resistant cover. Price is per pallet.  These pellets are a very high performing pellet that you won’t be disappointed in.  Ash content is about 5 lbs. per ton with a BTU content of 8440 BTU/lb.  Individual bags are available for pickup at the store at 5 Squier Ave. Monson for $9.99 ea.  

Additional information

Weight 2000 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 42 × 42 cm