Squier Lumber & Hardware is a proud retailer of Harman stoves and stove parts. From top to bottom, we have all the parts and hardware you need to repair your wood-burning or pellet stove with genuine products made by Harman. We also carry paints and all cleaning supplies for restoring your stove to its original shine.

Our OEM stove parts are compatible with a wide range of Harman stoves including Accentra, Absolute Series, Invincible Insert, and many others. Whether you’re restoring or rebuilding a wood-burning stove, we have everything from new pellet-stove blower motors and augers to all the wiring and gaskets you need for virtually all Harman stoves. All stove parts are labeled with the relevant product names and part numbers so you can find what you need right away.

Don’t forget about our wide selection of premium wood pellets for sale at the lowest bulk prices around. Order early to ensure you receive the best prices before supplies run out. We offer the most competitive prices on our pellet stove pallets and encourage our customers to order their pellets as early as possible to avoid the rush. Ordering before the season is in full swing guarantees you the most competitive prices and the peace of mind knowing your home won’t be burdened by the cold winter air.

It’s important to perform regular maintenance on your pellet and wood-burning stoves to ensure they are operating at peak efficiency when you need them most. Regular maintenance can help identify issues before they become more serious problems while helping ensure your stove efficiently heats your home while lasting for as long as possible. If any part of your stove is malfunctioning, it’s likely to cause a cascade event that damages other parts of your stove causing avoidable and expensive repairs.

Contact our team of experts today for help finding the right parts for your Harman stove. We are dedicated to providing the most affordable prices and best selection with the expert knowledge to help you troubleshoot any repair or restoration project. Call us today or stop by our showroom to keep your pellet-stove in perfect working condition.

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