Stove Service & Warranty

Squier Warranty & Service Policy

We believe that any consumer who bought a Harman stove deserves to be satisfied with their stove whether they bought from us or not. Squier Lumber will enthusiastically service any stove we sell. We will enthusiastically service any Harman stove our competitors sell, on a non-warranty basis, at our discretion for our standard service fee. We believe any Harman stove can be repaired to good working order regardless of its condition. If we cannot repair the stove, we will replace the warrantied stove with permission from Harman. We encourage customers to buy their stoves from a dealer close to their home to facilitate expeditious service. It is not our intention to sell outside our service area, however, in that event, we will be forced to charge a travel and diagnosis fee. Squier Lumber reserves the right to charge a travel and diagnosis fee for warranty service as this is not covered by the warranty.

Service For Your Harman Stove

Service issues can come up with your stove. In our experience 90% of service issues are a result of an incomplete cleaning of your stove. Before calling to schedule a service call, please make sure that your stove and venting is clean. Please do not rely on your memory as to what a complete cleaning is but use the links on this site and your manual to insure that the entire system is clean. Cleaning issues are not covered by your warranty and we will charge you for a service call if we determine the trouble is cleaning related. Please use the links provided, the manual and the trouble shooting guides to resolve the issue prior to scheduling a service call. We are more than happy to answer your questions via email or telephone if it helps avert a service call.

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