Blackstone Wood Pellets, 50-40lb. bags per pallet.  Price is per pallet.  There is 1 ton per pallet with weather resistant cover. A premium grade hardwood pellet fuel that is 100% Hardwood. Made from recycled products.  Ash content is about 11.2 lbs. per ton with a BTU content of 8214 BTU/lb.  Individual bags are available for pickup at the store at 5 Squier Ave. Monson for $7.99 per bag.  We expect pricing to increase and availability to decrease as we head into the Fall.

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Additional information

Weight 2000 lbs

100% Hardwood

Pallet Size

50 x 40lb. bags

Ash Content

0.56% 11.2 lbs. per ton

BTU per lb


Pallet Item