Wood & Sons is a super premium grade wood pellet made from clean eastern white pine sawmill recycled materials from Maine.  It has excellent BTU and ash results owing to the high-quality raw materials used in production.  Ash content is about 5.2 lbs. per ton with a BTU content of 8714.  Each pallet contains 105 – 20lb. bags (2100 lbs. or 1.05 ton)  and is double wrapped for additional protection.  These are the small sized bags for ease of use.  Price is per pallet.  Individual bags are available for pickup at the store at 5 Squier Ave. Monson for $4.39 ea.

 We expect pricing to increase and availability to decrease as we head into the Fall.

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Additional information

Weight 2100 lbs
Pallet Item


Pallet Size

2100 lbs. per pallet


100% Hardwood

Ash Content

0.26% 5.2 lbs. per ton

BTU per lb

8714 BTU per lb.


20 lb. bag – 105 bags per pallet