Northern Warmth Supreme Fir is a 100% Douglas Fir Product from Idaho manufactured by Bear Mountains Products.  Bear Mountain used to ship into New England a highly regarded, popular fir wood pellet but now Northern Warmth is the only supplier of this exceptional quality product out of Bear Mountain and into New England at the present time.  This product is the lowest ash, highest BTU wood pellet that Squier Lumber has ever sold.  It is an expensive wood pellet but if minimizing cleaning and maximizing heat is your goal, you can hardly do better than Northern Warmth Supreme Fir.  Pellets are shipped in bulk and locally bagged to reduce fines and wear and tear on the bags.  Ash content is about 2.8 lbs. per ton with a BTU content of 8793 BTU/lb.  Pallets contain 50 – 40lb. bags.  Price is per pallet.  Individual bags are available for pickup at the store at 5 Squier Ave.  Monson, MA for $11.99.  We expect pricing to increase and availability to decrease as we head into the Fall.

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Weight 2000 lbs

100% Fir Softwood

Pallet Size

50 x 40lb. bags

Ash Content

0.14% 2.8 lbs. per ton

BTU per lb


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